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Los Gatos Restorative Dentistry

At Los Gatos Dental Group, people don’t have to feel guilty or embarrassed about their dental problems. Dr. Diercks, Dr. Karamardian, and the rest of our team want to support you every step of the way as you work towards the happier, healthier smile you deserve. That’s why we offer restorative services that are designed to repair damage, rebuild teeth, and rejuvenate oral health to an exceptional degree. Our comprehensive approach means you receive specialized treatment right here in our beautiful office space with comfort items (neck pillows, blankets) and services such as nitrous oxide (laughing gas), NuCalm (a non-medication relaxation system), and IV conscious sedation available to improve your comfort and help you feel at ease. 

Contact our Los Gatos, CA practice to schedule your first appointment! We also serve the areas of Saratoga, Campbell, San Jose, Cupertino, and beyond.

CEREC One-Visit Restorations

When you’re waiting on a new restoration for a damaged or missing tooth, the time between appointments can feel like a lifetime. At Los Gatos Dental Group, we’ve greatly simplified this process with the power of CEREC technology! Instead of using messy impressions and inconvenient temporaries, our team can smoothly take you through impressions, design, crafting, and placement all in one convenient appointment allowing you to leave that very same day with strong, permanent results. Using computer assisted design and manufacture (CAD/CAM) technology, CEREC offers the same beautiful, natural restorations using precise, digital impressions, and an in-office milling unit. A series of digital x-rays, images, and impressions are all transferred instantly to the milling unit where a single cube of dental-grade porcelain is accurately crafted into a cosmetically flawless dental restoration. Once the restoration is completed, you immediately receive this custom crown, inlay, or onlay. There’s no need to wear a temporary, or wait for a dental lab to return a custom restoration.  Although it is a great system and has worked wonders for us over the years, not all situations are ideal for CEREC.  One of our dentists would be happy to discuss your specific needs and see if a CEREC restoration is appropriate for you. 

Crown & Bridge

Whether you’re struggling with a minor crack, full-blown missing teeth, or anything in between, a custom-made crown or bridge can work wonders in getting your smile back to normal. Visit our crown and bridge page to learn more.

Root Canal Therapy

The words “root canal” have the tendency to strike fear in peoples’ hearts, which is why we’re happy to let you know that this procedure is actually comfortable, revitalizing, and highly successful when it comes to restoring badly damaged teeth that might otherwise have to be removed. Visit our root canal therapy page to learn more. 

Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Our team’s top priority is to help you maintain a complete, healthy smile for life – but there are instances where extracting one or more teeth can actually be beneficial for your overall wellbeing. This is especially true with third molars (also known as wisdom teeth). Because these teeth are the last to emerge in your adult smile, there’s often not enough space for them, and people experience overcrowding, impaction, and infection as a result.  The ideal age to have impacted wisdom teeth removed is before 25, after this age, the teeth have become large and fully formed posing an increased risk of nerve damage during extraction surgery.  Many studies and experts in the study of wisdom teeth have declared that even healthy, non-impacted wisdom teeth should be classified as a chronic health risk if not removed because of the high likelihood of these teeth causing systemic health issues in later life due to chronic inflammation and bacterial infection.  About 90% of the wisdom teeth removal cases we encounter in our office are very straightforward and can be treated using either nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or IV conscious sedation.  The 10% that are more complicated are referred out to a local oral surgeon.  If we determine that wisdom tooth extraction is necessary, you can count on our doctors and staff to handle the process as comfortably and effectively as possible. 

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Full & Partial Dentures

Today, many people enjoy dentures for their affordability and convenience over other tooth replacement options. At Los Gatos Dental Group, we offer sleek, customized prosthetics that look natural and feel stable in the mouth. Implant-retained dentures are also available for people who want more security and permanence.

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