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Los Gatos Preventive Dentistry

Prevention is a crucial cornerstone of dentistry. After all, it’s much easier to stop a problem before it’s had the chance to start. Here at Los Gatos Dental Group, our team provides comprehensive exams, revitalizing cleanings, and other services designed to protect and strengthen oral health.  Early detection and minimally invasive treatments are key to providing excellent preventive dentistry.  The healthiest teeth are those that have never been drilled and filled, but if you do happen to develop a cavity it is important that the cavity is treated when it is small and in the early stages of development.  Large cavities lead to large fillings which lead to cracks, crowns, root canals, and extractions.  We utilize many types of early detection systems and preventive treatments to help you avoid this downward spiral.  We hope that, with our help, you enjoy a great smile for many years to come!

Please contact our Los Gatos, CA practice today if you have any questions about our office or if you’re ready to schedule an appointment with Dr. Diercks, or Dr. Karamardian. We also welcome people from the surrounding areas of Cupertino, San Jose, Campbell, Saratoga, and beyond.

Your First Visit

Our team is looking forward to meeting you! During your first appointment at Los Gatos Dental Group, our goal will be to introduce you to our state-of-the-art facility, as well as learn everything we can about you and your unique smile. Here are the steps we’ll take:

Checkups & Cleanings

The truth is, even people who diligently care for their smiles at home fall victim to dental problems that go unnoticed. That’s why attending regular appointments at our Los Gatos, CA practice is so important! We generally recommend scheduling two checkups and cleanings a year. People with gum disease or those who are at high cavity risk may benefit from more frequent visits.

When providing checkups, our doctors and team members take care to be as thorough and precise as possible. We want to create a full picture of your oral health and any potential areas of concern, even if they’re at the earliest stages. This allows us to work with you and create a personalized plan of action that meets your dental needs and exceeds your wildest expectations. Additionally, an in-depth cleaning from one of our talented hygienists will remove dangerous plaque and tartar from your smile, leaving it nicely refreshed.

Learn More About Cleanings and Checkups

Periodontal Treatment

The most common cause of tooth loss in adults is periodontal disease (gum disease), a common and dangerous health condition that can develop quietly and painlessly.  At Los Gatos Dental Group, we take every precaution to diagnose these cases as early as possible.  The correlation between periodontal disease and things like stroke, coronary heart disease, diabetes, and adverse pregnancy outcomes is well documented and the list of diseases linked to gum disease grows every year.   If caught early, professional cleanings may be enough to reverse any ill effects, while moderate to severe cases require more involved care. We offer several therapy options including an in-depth cleaning known as root scaling and planing, antibiotic therapy, and treatment with our state-of-the-art soft tissue laser.

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TMJ Therapy

If you’re experiencing jaw pain and problems, you know how it can dramatically impact your quality of life. But with TMJ therapy in Los Gatos, it doesn’t have to! Dr. Diercks and Dr. Karamardian will start with a gentle, thorough evaluation of your jaws before recommending the best treatment for your needs. Rest assured, you can get relief from TMD pain.

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