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Dental Technology in Los Gatos

For many years, the main tools used in dentistry were small, metal, manual ones. The most common that come to mind are the dental pick, the dental mirror, and the always infamous drill. Fortunately, the advancements in technology that are rapidly changing the world have also touched dentistry. The Los Gatos Dental Group uses the most modern technology available today in order to treat patients quicker and easier, while also improving the overall quality of their care.

Modern Laser Dentistry

Lasers are playing a more prominent role in dental treatment as time goes on because they are able to diagnose problems with more accuracy, and treat them less invasively. The Lost Gatos Dental Group uses a variety of lasers for a spectrum of treatments:

DIAGONOdent/The Canary System: Both of these lasers are able to detect the smallest signs of tooth decay using light to scan and assess your teeth. They are able to find much slighter signs of decay than a traditional exam, and this will enable your doctor to treat you sooner, and help preserve your teeth.

Er:YAG Laser: Cavities can be painlessly treated with little to no anesthesia using the Er:YAG Laser. It utilizes infrared light to remove the damaged part of your tooth with more precision than traditional methods. This leaves more of your tooth intact, which is a key factor to its longevity.

PIPs Laser Root Canals: The PIPs laser uses super-low frequencies to remove the infected dental pulp from your tooth. It is able to eliminate this material more quickly and more completely than a normal root canal, and is completely painless.

Micro-Ident: Diagnosing gum disease can be very difficult in its early stages, as it starts very subtly and takes a long time to develop. Micro-Ident is able to detect even the smallest traces of gum disease bacteria, and this will help your doctor come up with a treatment plan much faster, stopping your infection before it can become a real problem.

Laser Gum Treatments: Gum disease is one of the most common diseases in the country, and proper treatment is very important. Our soft-tissue laser can not only painlessly remove infected gum tissue, it can also be used cosmetically to provide a gum lift. A “gummy” smile can be enhanced by removing excess tissue to give you a beautiful, more balanced smile.

Air Abrasion Microdentistry

Whenever you have a tooth prepared for a filling, a portion of it needs to be removed. This could possibly cause a patient discomfort, as well as jeopardize the integrity of the tooth’s structure. With air abrasion microdentistry, these problems are easily solved. A small hand-held device directs a fine stream of silica particles towards your tooth, and is able to remove a smaller portion of it than previously needed. The particles of your tooth are then quickly suctioned away. It is able to provide you a better filling, and even save you from having to get a shot of anesthesia.

CEREC- Same Day Dentistry

Normally, it takes about two weeks to get a dental crown. Thanks to CEREC technology, your crown can now be designed, milled, and placed all in one visit. The crowns created by CEREC are made of higher-quality materials and fit better than traditional metal crowns, giving you the best when it comes to both speed and quality.

Quicker Diagnostics

The first part of any effective treatment plan is a diagnosis, so we use the tools that help us get the most accurate ones possible.

Digital X-Rays/3D CBCT: X-rays have been an important part of dentistry for a long time. Digital x-rays enable us to get your images sooner, and even show them to you on a chairside screen. A 3D CBCT is able to create an extremely accurate model of your teeth and mouth in 3-dimensions, which is extremely helpful when it comes to more advanced procedures, such as placing dental implants.  

Intra-oral/Panoramic Cameras: These tools not only allow your doctor to see your teeth and mouth better, they also enable them to share the images with you instantly chairside. This will help a patient understand what a doctor is seeing, and takes a lot of the uncertainty out of dentistry. 

Microscope Examination of Bacteria: Slides will be created with your saliva and gum tissue, and this will enable your doctor to catch your gum disease much sooner.

Tekscan: Impressions can now be done completely digitally using the Tekscan. This saves people from having to use messy and uncomfortable impression materials, and is able to provide a more accurate model of your bite and jaw alignment.

CariVu Caries Detection Device

Detecting small cavities and cracks early on is the key to providing an easy, conservative solution that protects your oral health. Traditional X-rays and visual exams can only go so far. With our CariVu caries detection device, however, we can bathe the teeth in a safe, near-infrared light to identify caries and lesions that may lie hidden from the naked eye. Trouble spots are easy to spot, showing up like a dark spot -- just the same as on a traditional X-ray. The handheld CariVu detection device is simple, intuitive, and a real positive for our patients’ oral health. 

Snoring Prevention and Sleep Apnea Treatment

Do you or your partner snore or have sleep apnea? The solution may be a small, custom-made oral appliance. These appliances, similar to mouthguards, gently shift your jaw to prevent your airway from becoming obstructed. They are much simpler and easier to use than a traditional CPAP machine, and most patients find them to be much more comfortable.

Any Questions?

We’re proud to use the most advanced tools available to make your experience with the Los Gatos Dental Group a positive one. We continually work to keep up and change as technology does, and this is all to benefit you.

If you’d like to know more about the technology we use and how it can help you, please give us a call today.