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Tips on Recovering From a Wisdom Tooth Removal

February 5, 2022

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woman recovering from wisdom tooth extraction in Los Gatos

Getting your wisdom teeth extracted can be a great relief for your smile, especially if your other teeth are being affected. By taking them out, you help prevent a crowded bite, and it can be easier to clean in the back of the mouth! Once the procedure is completed, however, you’ll have to maintain good oral hygiene while the extraction site heals. But how long does this take, and what can you do to help the process? Read on to learn what you can expect from a wisdom tooth removal recovery and tips for protecting yourself.

How Long Is the Recovery Period for a Wisdom Tooth Removal?

Your recovery will be a gradual process. Within the first day, blood clots will form around the extraction site. You might have a swollen mouth or cheeks after the procedure, but this should get better in two to three days. After seven to ten days, your dentist may remove any stitches that were needed and any soreness or stiffness in the jaw will fade. You’ll be able to see improvement each passing day, and the recovery period should only last about two weeks.

Can I Speed Up My Recovery Time?

The most essential part of your healing process are the blood clots that form where your wisdom tooth was. This helps protect the exposed bone and the wound from infection, and allow for new tissue to grow. If you want to speed up the recovery time, then you should keep from dislodging the blood clots. To do this, avoid rinsing your mouth, drinking hot drinks, chewing, and sucking on straws or smoking within the first 24 hours.

How Do I Take Care of My Mouth During Recovery?

Your main priority during your recovery time is to minimize swelling, discomfort, damage, and keeping the removal area clean! Several methods for home care treatment include:

  • Using a cold compress or anti-inflammatory medication to reduce swelling.
  • Raising your head when sleeping to reduce blood pressure in your mouth and making you feel more comfortable.
  • Avoiding strenuous exercises that could harm the extraction site.
  • Rinsing your mouth gently with antiseptic mouth rinse to prevent infection.

After a couple weeks or more, your mouth should be healed and ready to enjoy your everyday meals. Of course, your dentist will monitor your progress and give you the green light when your recovery is eventually a success!

About the Practice

At Los Gatos Dental Group, we provide top-quality and comprehensive dental care for your needs. Our outstanding dentists—Drs. Diercks and Karamardian—offer a wide collection of advanced treatments, including wisdom tooth extractions. Using the latest technology, they can ensure your procedure is as comfortable as possible and will guide you through a brief recovery period. If you want to know more about wisdom tooth removal recovery, visit our website or call 408-402-0900.

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