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Give Your Partner a Night of Snore-less Sleep

February 27, 2021

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Man with sleep apnea snoring next to partner.Is your spouse constantly poking you in the sides at night because of your loud snoring? Although you’re getting the rest you need, your partner might be losing sleep. Although everyone snores occasionally, if the problem is chronic, it could indicate an underlying issue, like sleep apnea. Not only is your loved one not sleeping well, but you might also be placing your general health at risk if you have the sleep disorder. Why not give the gift of better sleep for Valentine’s Day? Your sleep specialist can treat chronic snoring and sleep apnea, so both of you can feel well-rested in the morning.

How are Snoring and Sleep Apnea Connected?

Research shows 30% of adults over the age of 30 snores. As a result, two-third of partnered adults say their partner snores. Although it’s a common nuisance, and it’s normal for people to snore occasionally, it could be a red flag indicating an underlying problem, like sleep apnea. As much as 22 million Americans suffer from sleep apnea, which is a condition that causes several interruptions in breathing from an obstruction in the upper airway. While it may not seem like the two issues are connected, there is a strong correlation between chronic snoring and sleep apnea.

Snoring results when the tissues in the back of your mouth collapse and air passes over them, causing them to vibrate when you breathe. Sleep apnea occurs when the tissues in the back of your mouth and throat block the airway, creating an obstruction. As a result, chronic snoring is often the most common symptom of obstructive sleep apnea. Besides snoring, sleep apnea can have many other signs, such as daytime sleepiness, morning headaches, and high blood pressure.

How Can I Stop Snoring?

Whether or not sleep apnea is the cause, you can breathe better and silence your snoring with the right treatment. Traditionally, a CPAP machine is used to treat sleep apnea. A steady stream of air pressure is delivered through a mask worn over the mouth or nose to keep the airway open. Although it’s effective, there is another option.

An oral appliance is a patient-preferred solution to treat chronic snoring and mild-to-moderate sleep apnea. The custom-fit device repositions your lower jaw forward to prevent the soft tissues from blocking your airway. It will stop the harsh sound and prevent interruptions in breathing, so you and your loved one can both get the rest you need.

Sleep Better Tonight

This Valentine’s Day skip the flowers and candy. Instead, give your partner a gift that keeps on giving by treating your snoring and sleep apnea. You’ll ensure everyone wakes feeling their best after a good night’s rest.

About Dr. Matthew Diercks

Dr. Diercks earned his dental degree at the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry. He continued his education to focus on many areas of specialty, including sleep apnea. He uses the latest treatments to help his patients breathe better using oral appliances. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation for sleep apnea therapy.

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