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Viva la Sleep! Discover Better Sleep with Vivos

July 28, 2020

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Woman waking up refreshed thanks to sleep apnea treatment

Are you sick of not getting the high-quality sleep you deserve? If you have obstructive sleep apnea, you might use a CPAP machine to cope with your condition. Certainly, CPAP therapy is effective. However, it has some major drawbacks. Not only is it inconvenient and often uncomfortable, but it also does nothing to correct the root cause of the problem. It only addresses the symptoms. The Vivos protocol is different. This unique sleep apnea treatment can help you find permanent relief from sleep disordered breathing.

What Is Vivos?

Vivos is a multidisciplinary treatment protocol that directly addresses a common cause of sleep apnea — failure of the jaw to develop correctly. When the upper jaw is too narrow or the lower jaw sits too far back, such issues can lead to obstructed breathing during sleep.

Vivos uses customized oral appliances to permanently correct such problems. It may involve the use of an appliance to apply gentle pressure to the palate and thereby widen the upper jaw. It can also involve the use of an appliance that trains the lower jaw to rest in a more forward position. With the Vivos protocol, patients can be completely free from sleep apnea within 1 – 2 years (they usually begin to see noticeable results much sooner than that).

Vivos vs Other Sleep Apnea Treatments

As we mentioned at the outset of this article, Vivos, unlike CPAP therapy, addresses the root cause of sleep apnea. Many patients also find that it is much more comfortable and convenient than using a CPAP machine. However, keep in mind that Vivos is best for cases of mild to moderate sleep apnea, whereas CPAP therapy has been proven effective in all sorts of cases, from minor to severe.

Surgery is another common sleep apnea treatment, especially when defects in the jaw lead to nighttime breathing problems. Surgery always involves at least a small risk. Plus, it is expensive and may require a significant recovery period. Vivos, on the other hand, is completely nonsurgical and non-pharmaceutical, which means it is virtually without risk.

Is Vivos Right for You?

Vivos is suitable for sleep apnea patients of all ages whose condition is related to a retruded (set-back) lower jaw and/or a narrow upper jaw. Anyone who decides to pursue Vivos should be committed to complying with the treatment protocol on a daily basis.

The best way to find out if Vivos is right for you is by visiting a doctor or dentist who is trained to offer this treatment. After they examine your jaw, take detailed images of it, and run some diagnostic tests, they’ll be in a position to let you know whether Vivos would be beneficial for you.

Are you ready to conquer your sleep apnea once and for all? Vivos may be your ideal solution! A local Vivos-trained professional can help you get started on your journey to better rest.

Meet Our Practice

Drs. Matthew Diercks and Liza Karamardian are the leaders of our team at Los Gatos Dental Group. They have nearly 50 years of combined experience. They offer numerous advanced treatments, including the Vivos protocol. If you are concerned with the quality of your sleep, contact our team at 408-402-0900 to learn more about how these highly trained dentists can assist you.

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