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A Dentist in Los Gatos Can Rebuild Your Smile with a Crown or Bridge

June 29, 2018

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older man smilingDentists have used crowns and bridges for decades to rebuild damaged teeth and replace missing teeth. Both are permanently bonded into place, so you don’t have to think about a denture coming loose or the need to remove the prosthetic for cleaning. With a dental crown, a dentist in Los Gatos can restore a damaged tooth, and a bridge can provide tooth replacement to rejuvenate a smile that has suffered tooth loss.

When Is a Dental Crown Appropriate?

Your teeth are tough. In fact, enamel—the outer coating on your teeth—is the body’s hardest substance. Nevertheless, teeth are not impervious to damage. For instance, microscopic bacteria can lead to tooth decay. A forceful blow to the mouth can cause a tooth to break or becoming severely cracked.

Whatever the reason for damage, repairing your tooth is essential for the sake of your smile’s appearance as well as your overall oral health. With a dental crown in Los Gatos, the dentist can restore a tooth’s form and function.

How is a Dental Crown Put on a Tooth?

You’ll need to schedule two appointments with the dentist. At the first, the tooth is prepared by contouring the biting surface as well as the sides. This is done to make room for the crown to fit comfortably alongside adjacent teeth.

Once the tooth is reshaped, an impression is taken. The dental lab uses this to fabricate your custom crafted crown. Your dentist in Los Gatos also uses the impression to create a temporary.

After a couple of weeks, you’ll return for the second appointment when the dentist will remove the temporary and replace it with your permanent crown.

What is a Crown and Bridge?

A crown and bridge—also called a fixed partial of just a bridge—is a prosthetic that bridges the gap in your smile that a missing tooth leaves behind. Abutment teeth on either side of missing teeth are reshaped in order to accommodate dental crowns. These crowns, in turn, securely hold the dental bridge across the open space in your smile.

A dental bridge in Los Gatos makes your smile look better, and it also makes your mouth healthier. Tooth loss can lead to many other dental problems. For example, teeth keep one another in proper alignment. If one is missing, then the others are more likely to shift, which could lead to bite problems. Also, the risk of decay in other teeth as well as gum disease increases with tooth loss.

Don’t wait to have a dental crown or bridge if you need one. Call a dentist to help restore your complete smile.


About the Author

Dr. Gregory Sawyer is a general, restorative, and cosmetic dentist based in Los Gatos, CA. He always considers his patients’ overall health when treating them so he can maximize the effectiveness of their dental care. He currently practices at the Los Gatos Dental Group, and if you’d like to learn more about everything you’ve just read, Dr. Sawyer can be reached via his website right here.

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