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Q&A – Dental Anxiety Treatment With Your Sedation Dentist In Los Gatos

April 12, 2017

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Have dental anxiety? Get the answers you need about sedation options and how they can set you at ease from the premier sedation dentist in Los Gatos. Did you know that over 47 million people in America suffer from dental anxiety? This condition is remarkably common, but can often leave patients so scared of the dentist that they don’t get the oral healthcare they need – which compounds the problem and can make dental issues worse, and treatment more complex. But, with help from the top sedation dentist in Los Gatos, you can not only get the care for your smile you need and deserve, you can actually enjoy seeing our team. In this post, the team at Los Gatos Dental Group answers all your questions to set you at ease.

#1 – Is Sedation Dentistry Safe?

Absolutely. Under the care of a trained professional, sedation dentistry is both safe and effective. Our dentists have advanced medical education in the most innovative relaxation techniques and we prioritize patient care above all else.

#2 – What Types Of Sedation Dentistry Are Available?

At our practice, we specialize in many forms of sedation dentistry. Check out the details on our treatment options:

  • Oral Sedation – In this method, patients take a small pill by mouth before they come to the office for their appointment, and then another small dose once they arrive.
  • IV Sedation – With this treatment, sedative medications are given to our patients intravenously. You won’t be completely asleep, but you most likely won’t remember your dental treatment because you’ll be so relaxed.
  • NuCalm – This revolutionary technique doesn’t use traditional medication like benzodiazepines (i.e., Xanax, Klonopin, etc) to relax you – it relies on your body’s natural relaxation response and chemicals that your brain produces on its own. NuCalm is a system that uses:
    • A supplement or topical cream to stimulate GABA production
    • Small microcurrent patches that help your body absorb this natural calming chemical
    • Binaural beats music through noise-cancelling headphones that inhibit the stress response
    • A light-blocking mask that helps you stay relaxed

With this holistic and progressive treatment, you can sit back and relax in our dental chairs, without the after effects of potent medication.

#3 – How Long Will The Medication Last?

The length of the effects of the medication will differ depending on the sedation method used:

  • Oral Sedation – The medication effect will linger for a few hours after the treatment is over. Patients should schedule their appointments in the afternoon and take half a day off work or school.
  • IV Sedation – Intravenous treatment will wear off within a day at most. You’ll also need to arrange for someone to keep an eye on you as you rest at home after your procedure.
  • NuCalm – With this method, there are no drugs involved and no time needed to recover afterward – but, you may feel a bit groggy from the deep state of relaxation, similar to the feeling after the final resting pose in a yoga class, or after waking up from a midday nap.

With oral and IV sedation be sure to arrange for transportation to and from our office, since the medication will prevent you from driving.

#4 – What Does Being Sedated Feel Like?

Most patients report being happy and relaxed. Some mention a warm, slightly euphoric feeling, and many say they don’t remember having their dental treatment because they are so at ease. It’s also very common to fall asleep while sedated.

#5 – Will I Be Aware & In Control?

For many patients with dental anxiety, being in control of their environment is crucial to allaying concerns. With oral conscious and NuCalm treatments, you will be completely relaxed, yet able to respond to requests and you’ll be in control.

There are different levels of sedation with IV treatment. With moderate sedation, you’ll be relaxed yet aware in a twilight state, but with deep sedation, you’ll be completely “under.” Either way, our professional staff will keep you safe and sound.


Now that you have the answers you need about sedation dentistry, schedule your appointment with Los Gatos Dental Group today and get the safe, relaxing patient experience you deserve!


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