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The Sedation Dentist in Los Gatos Can Save Your Life

December 30, 2016

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Why you should see your sedation dentist in Los Gatos.

Many people make New Year’s resolutions to take care of long standing issues, things they’ve ignored for a while. They hope to get a fresh start and do better in the year to come. One thing many people ignore is their teeth, and this is often because of dental anxiety. Millions suffer from dental anxiety and avoid going to the dentist for years. This leads many to make a New Year’s resolution to finally get over their fear and take care of their teeth. If this sounds like you, your sedation dentist in Los Gatos can help you conquer your anxiety, which is not only important for your smile, but your overall health as well.

The Connection

The health of your mouth can impact the well-being of your entire body. This is because anything on your teeth and gums, namely bacteria, is able to travel everywhere else. The gums are an extremely vascular structure, so whatever is on or near them can easily get into your blood stream. When you avoid going to the dentist for years because of fear, you’re actually risking much more serious consequences than simple cavities or gum disease.

The Risks

In lieu of the pain you believe you’ll experience at the dentist, you are exposing yourself to a higher chance of diabetes, heart disease, and dementia. Gum disease is suffered by nearly half of all adults in the U.S., and is especially prevalent in people who have not been to the dentist in more than a year. It has an extremely high correlation with cases of diabetes, heart disease, and dementia, and this is because of the connection that was mentioned earlier. The bacteria in your mouth can affect how your body processes sugar, cause inflammation in your heart, and even travel to your brain and affect its functionality.

Overcoming Your Fear

Of course, if you’re afraid of going to the dentist, even these risks may not be enough to motivate you to go. You still believe you are going to be hurt. Fortunately, sedation dentistry in Los Gatos is specifically geared to help patients like you. It will completely numb you to any physical discomfort you might feel during a procedure, and help drastically diminish your anxious thoughts.

How It’s Done

One option you and your doctor can choose is oral conscious sedation. This would involve you taking a pill that is prescribed to you on the day of your appointment. You would take it at home, so by the time your treatment starts, you will be completely sedated. You will still be conscious and able to follow the doctor’s commands, but will be in a deep state of relaxation.

For people who have extreme anxiety or need multiple procedures, IV conscious sedation may be best for them. A powerful sedative is administered to you intravenously, and you will quickly be brought into deep sedation. Many patients leave treatment with no memory of it at all, or actually fall asleep while it is happening. IV sedation allows your doctor to adjust your sedation level during treatment, so you will always be calm and comfortable.

In either case, make sure a friend or family member drives you to and from the office when undergoing sedation. Afterward, they need to keep an eye on you for the rest of the day. The effects of the sedation should wear off by the next morning, and you should feel completely normal.

We’re Ready For You

You no longer need to let fear keep you from getting the dental care that you need. You no longer need to hide your smile. You no longer need to be vulnerable to diabetes, heart disease, and dementia. We can help you make this New Year’s resolution the one that counts. Our friendly, welcoming staff is ready for you. They will always work to make you feel comfortable, and listen to your concerns to help you manage your anxiety.

Gentle, painless dental care is waiting for you, so make an appointment today. It just might save your life.

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